Hafsah is a singer-songwriter and performer of soul/ R&B/ funk and Nu soul.
She began at the end of the 90s, going through Hip-Hop, Nu-Soul, Gospel ...
Since 2016, she has created deep and hypnotic titles, nourished by her many influences such as Erykah Badu, Chaka Khan, Solange, Frank Ocean, Aaliyah, Amel Larrieux, SWV, Lisa Gerrard, Natacha Atlas ...
She brings her music to life on stage, accompanied by Spread, Dj and producer based on Roubaix (France). She likes to integrate her various influences in her songs.
Her meeting with producer Spread will be a turning point, since it gave birth to a
the producer's first project, Love, released in 2014, where Hafsah's voice has been handled like an instrument on electro hip hop beats.
After her first EP Step One released in 2018, she makes her comeback with Second Wind, which established her collaboration with Spread.


Step One (2018)

Second Wind (2020)